Are your juices certified organic?

To be certified organic you must meet all the requirements of a government approved organic certifying body – such as the Soil Association. However, each country has its own certifying bodies and they have different requirements. This means that it is just about impossible for a product to satisfy the requirements for all the countries in which it sells its products.
Currently, the Soil Association in South Africa have refused to grant us organic status because our plants are grown hydroponically – in water not in soil.
Weird thing is that they do grant organic status to some big growers who grow sprouts unnaturally in big rotating drums – with no soil! Unnatural. It tumbles the seeds from time to time so that they don’t overheat and rot. Poor little sprouts get all confused about which way is up so instead of growing up straight towards the light they get curled up. Lot of stress on the plants, must be some legal thing. Meanwhile at Wheat NRG we do the best we can.  At Wheat NRG, we start with good non-GMO seeds. All our products are grown with intention and packed absolutely with:

NO genetically modified material

NO chemical fertilizers

NO hidden additives

ONLY gentle citrus based organic cleaning agents for the equipment

LOTS of love and care

Why plastic instead of glass?

We chose this material because a well-respected German Research Institute made a study of packaging like this and concluded that these materials were equivalent environmentally to cardboard or glass bottles. They investigated not just the end of life disposal and recycling but also the origin of the materials used, the overall carbon footprint including transportation, etc.  They then passed their study to the German Federal Government who agreed with the conclusions of the study. One of the horror stories uncovered was this: biodegradable plastics sound great. When they get wet they disappear! Problem for the recycling people is that one of the biggest uses of recycled plastic is in making builders plastic that is used as a vapor barrier in walls. Just one little bit of that biodegradable plastic in the vapor barrier and the vapour barrier disappears!!

Why not one big container instead of seven little ones?

We love the enzymes in our juices, but they would not love to be stored in one big container, because it would degrade their activity level and your juice would suffer. Every time you drink one serving you would be closing up the container with a fresh supply of air and as the tube gradually empties there would be more and more air, with more and more oxidation too. That would mean that as you drink the contents the quality of the juice would get worse and worse. So, we use a small convenient shot glasses packed with abundant goodness.

Why aeroponic instead of in soil?

If we were growing lettuce or tomatoes we might give in to an emotional pull to grow them in soil. But we are really processing seeds to the sprout stage and that’s a different world. Aeroponics is the process of sprouts in an air or mist environment without the use of an aggregate medium.

To get the full nutrient value from the plants we have to be sure that in their very short life span they get the optimum nutrition all day every day. Not too much, not too little, but the Goldilocks “just right”. In soil, that would be very difficult to manage but with the help of our special hydroponic booster system we can be sure to completely eliminate pesticide and fertilizer concerns and that every single seed gets what it needs when it needs it.