About Us

We love it when our customers tell us they are now healthy or are recovering from various ailments (you can use the internet to find out about what motivates our customers to buy wheatgrass juice). We also cannot tell you why our wheatgrass juices and products are special, We are not allowed to talk to you about why our customers love our products so much so that a huge 90% of them buy again.

But… we can tell you the story behind Wheatgrass NRG.  We can also tell you about the team that works with such dedication to ensure that your wheatgrass juice and products are the best they possibly can be and our values that help shape everything we do.

What makes us different?

Our product is grown with an intention of healing and re-vitalizing the body and to help raise the vibration of the planet. Our carefully selected organic seeds is locally sourced and grown to ensure minimal carbon footprint.

Our wheat grass is grown in a germ-free soil free environment utilizing energy from the sun in an indoor Aeroponic cultivation(IOAC) system.  In this technology even the roots are edible, rendering a truly high tech health supplement.

Nutrients hidden within the root of wheatgrass

The root of the wheatgrass is full of nutrients, enzymes and active ingredients. Experiments show that both roots and leaves contain many types of nutrients, which co-exist in senergistic proportion to form a balance and whole nutrition.

Root of wheat grass facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

Active ingredients found in the root of wheat grass especially auxin, stimulate damage cells to undergo cellular repair.

Roots can be produced in powder form.


Indoor Organic Aerophonic Cultivation  (IOAC)

IOAC is a patented award winning cultivation method.  In this cultivation method WNRG wheat grass is grown indoors in a fully automated and germ free environment.  This allows us to have full control over the moisture, temperature and indoor growing environment of the wheat grass to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Aerophonic farming means that the wheat grass is grown in the air without the use of soil or water as a base as in traditional farming or hydrophonics.  It allows the root to grow and stay sterile.

Aerophonic farming is also employed to produce abscissic acid which is an essential phytochemical that is highly effective in fighting cancer cells or can help prevent cancer formation.

How we make our juice

We have spend months researching which raw juices we believe will be most helpful for you. We follow a very humble process to ensure our raw juice is of impeccable quality.

First, we buy only carefully selected non-GMO organic seeds. Every batch is screened. The seeds are then germinated and planted.  Sprouts are harvested at a very young age to ensure maximum nutrient value.

Our Values

We at Wheatgrass NRG are a dedicated team driven by the desire to help others.  Our values help shape the juice shots that we make to how we treat you our lovely customers.

We care that you are healthy.  This is fundamentally what drives us to spend hours working and nurturing and loving our wheatgrass so that our products are full of vibrant energy for you to benefit from.

We care that you love Our wheat grass juice and products enough to buy them again.  

We care about telling the truth.  This is why we encourage you to find out what we know and cannot tell you, by finding out about chlorophyll.